Find Top Medical Experts At The Best Prices

You may have access to great expert witnesses, but are you paying the best price for them?

Let’s face it, the current ‘google search’ or ‘who you know’ approach to finding medical expert witnesses is outdated.  Beyond Physician was born to help change that.  We offer attorneys a transparent and tech-enabled way to efficiently and effectively attract a network of qualified and credentialed experts within minutes at a fraction of the traditional cost.  Create your profile and start screening talent today. Unsure where to start? Feel free to schedule a call with Tom at the right side of the screen.

Getting Started

Beyond Physician is free to sign up, post your gig, search for talent, and earn credentials. Get started today:

  1. Sign up at
  2. Create your profile (we recommend selecting “Non-Medical Member” as “Professional Descriptor”)
  3. Click “Create Post” and “Gig” to list a current opportunity (we market to our community)
  4. Click “Talent” to view professionals offering their services (select “Invite User” then either an existing gig or “create a new gig to hire this person” in 2 clicks)
  5. Click “Credentials” and follow prompts to earn a workplace experience credential if you would like to verify your employment history (used to prioritize search results)

Schedule Call

If you need assistance onboarding your case, click here to schedule a free appointment with an account manager.

Beyond Physician FAQ

Does it cost money to post on Beyond Physician?

No, it is free to create a gig and receive talent applications. You will only be charged if you accept an offer, and we will hold your funds until you mark the gig as complete (all transactions include an account manager). We can assist in any work disputes that arise as well.

What is your fee structure?

We take a 20% commission of your work budget so not to add onto your gig price. So, if you have $1,000 for a project, our physician network will only see $800 on the listing, which is 80% of your budget. Beyond Physician will help you find talent, manage the work, and can assist in any work disputes that arise.

What if I have a private case (even with redacted client information) that I want to post onsite?

Yes, you can create a “Private Gig” by clicking the checkbox at the bottom of the Create Gig form. Private Gigs are not publicly displayed on the ledger, but you can still send invitations to Talent listings (and external offers from when you privately share the link), using Beyond Physician to manage your Private Gig.

I already have a medical expert network––can I still use Beyond Physician?

Yes! We highly recommend posting your Gig with Beyond Physician, which will allow you to explore new talent at potentially better prices. You can also use Beyond Physician to manage your project and payment, in addition to our credentialing system to verify workplace experience for free.

I currently don’t have a need for medical expert witnesses––should I use Beyond Physician?

Yes! We recommend signing up for Beyond Physician to view talent listings, network with service providers, and utilize our free credentialing system to screen talent. You can also post a generalized Gig to prescreen applicants based on experience and education.

I am a single attorney firm––can I still use Beyond Physician?

Absolutely! Every attorney, regardless of firm size, location, or area of law is encouraged to use Beyond Physician.

I need to find an experienced attorney with proven work verification––how can Beyond Physician help me?

Yes! Beyond Physician includes a free workplace verification service to screen your applicants when you need someone with experience. When creating your gig, you can select “Expert: Credentialed” under the “Experience” section, and enter the name of your Service Credential (e.g., “Pediatric Orthopedic Medical Expert Witness”). Our users will then be required to obtain a free workplace verification credential from a past employer/client, which will be submitted to you with their application and offer. Our workplace credentials are a quick and easy way to ensure you are receiving the best and most qualified applicants to your gig.

About Beyond Physician

Beyond Physician was built to help you reach your full potential in the healthcare industry, providing you with opportunities to learn, earn, network, and grow. Whether you are a company looking to hire healthcare professionals (free or paid), seeking alternative income from side gigs (e.g., medical expert witness), or a student seeking research opportunities to gain experience, we can help you.

All posts are free to create on Beyond Physician’s MarketPlace. For anyone seeking to get hired, post a Service. For anyone seeking to hire a medical community member (Physician, Student, etc.), create a Gig (public or private) to receive applications, and feel free to invite talent from their service listings. We will help market your post to reach the intended audience, empowering you to find the right talent and accomplish your goal.

Beyond Physician’s Marketplace is just the beginning. The product suite will soon launch an online academy, academic credentials, expert consulting agency, project management system, and more. All resources were developed by healthcare professionals, including physicians, entrepreneurs, investors, advisors, students, and more. Join our community today and experience how you can amplify your skillsets and education.