Featured Expert: Navin Goyal, MD

Webinar Time: Wednesday, July 10, 5-6 PM EDT; Limit 100 Members!

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Webinar Overview

Join Thought Leader Navin Goyal, MD, for a free webinar on Wednesday, July 10th, from 5-6 pm EDT as he discusses his personal journey from medicine to being an industry-recognized top voice in entrepreneurship, investing, and personal brand development. Navin will also offer an open forum for guests to ask questions and learn how to develop their own personal brand, which can be used to receive industry recognition, earn alternative income, and open doors to new opportunities.

The live webinar will be recorded and distributed via email to all members who sign up using the link on this page.

About Navin Goyal, MD

Navin Goyal, MD, is an anesthesiologist from Columbus, OH, who has become an internationally recognized thought leader, running a successful venture capital firm (LOUD Capital), author of a highly praised book on fighting physician burnout (Physician Underdog), and gained online following of 100,000 LinkedIn followers and an official “Top Entrepreneurship Voice” in the top 5% of LinkedIn.