Beyond Physician MarketPlace Payment Model

  • Beyond Physician takes a commission based on helping to connect buyers and sellers through our matchmaking algorithm and allowing you to manage your entire transaction securely from negotiation through the project completion and release of funds. All Beyond Physician marketplace transactions are reviewed by an internal account representative. Beyond Physician can assist with any payment or work disputes between buyers and sellers for transitions on the site.

Paying As Buyers

  • Beyond Physician is commissioned 20% of the buyer’s total budget of the Gig for finding candidates, managing the project, and ensuring secure payment for a completed Gig. Beyond Physician will collect this money in advance once your Service Professional is selected, and the funds will only be released when you mark the project as completed.

Payment To SellersĀ 

  • Beyond Physician does not charge any fees to the seller. Beyond Physician will market any posted Talent listing to potential clients, collect their payment in full upon the project start, and release 100% of your service rate to you when the client marks the projects as complete. Payment is released once the Gig has been completed and may take 3 to 5 business days. The payment will go directly to a seller’s account if the seller has added their deposit information.