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Our Product Team will manage 100% of the development, from transcription to storyboarding, video animation, captions, and background music.

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After your final review, we will launch your course, promoting to our audience via social media, marketing campaigns, paid ads, and more at no cost to you.

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Despite being one of the most distinguished careers, it can be difficult for physicians to own their expertise outside the hospital. Your work physically requires you to be present to earn income, and while many physicians dream of building their own brand and earning passive income, the demand, burnout, and stress from your time helping patients can make it nearly impossible to grow beyond the traditional boundaries of the role.

Developing your own expert course may be your answer. With the help of the Beyond Physician team, we can turn your knowledge into a course that allows you to earn passive revenue and build your online brand. Beyond Physician will even help your course reach the right audience with our matchmaking algorithm, leading to a higher potential for course registrations.

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Course Development Costs & Revenue

30-Minute Course

$499 for a 30-minute course, including full production services. Recommended course fee: $50; full cost recoup and profitability after just 14 signups!

60-Minute Course

$899 for a 60-minute course (10% savings), including full production services. Recommended course fee: $100; full cost recoup and profitability after just 12 signups!

Revenue Share

80/20 in your favor (after 3% gross credit card fees; see below for details).

Recommended course fees are only suggestions; you can charge whatever you like for your courses. Courses beyond 60-minutes are available with a custom quote.

Additional Information

Beyond Physician’s team will schedule your expert interview at your convenience, recording the call to develop the course script. We fully manage all production, from storyboarding to animation and graphic design, and you will have final approval on the video before launch. You will own your content 100%, which is licensed to Beyond Ph and we will actively promote your course to our community via social media, marketing campaigns, paid ads, and more, all at no cost to you.

All paid courses available within Beyond Physician are licensed (via standard agreement) at an 80/20 split in your favor (minus 3% credit card processing fee). Beyond Physician will track all course registrations and collect all revenue, directly depositing to your bank account each month (with a $500 deposit minimum). We can also integrate with your mailing list/CRM to automate contact importing in real-time, and custom credentials are also available (requires individual assessment with each expert and course topic).

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