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Empowering Physicians & Healthcare Startups

Physician Angels

Participate in community investing with a lower risk and even apply to be featured as a guest physician judge!

Healthcare Startups

Pitch to a curated group of expert physician angel investors live while we broadcast your opportunity to our global network!

Advising & Networking

AngelMD.tv allows physicians to engage with pitching healthcare startups by applying to be advisors, networking, consulting & more!

Limited Friends & Family Opportunity

AngelMD.tv is opening a limited Friends & Family round to investors, with participation ranging from $50k to $250k. This raise will be used to launch the show’s pilot and the technology that allows viewers to engage (invest, advise, network) in real time.

AngelMD.tv’s team is led by experienced investors, entrepreneurs, and strategic investors, many of whom are a part of the healthcare industry.

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